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Staffing. It’s what we know. Because we’ve been providing staffing solutions, putting people to work, for nearly 30 years. Whether you’re looking for work, or you’re seeking workers for your business, PeopleReady is the North American leader in the industrial and on-demand staffing space.

The PeopleReady located at Beaumont, Texas, 77703 is currently hiring a Fire Watch

Job Description
PeopleReady is hiring forFirewatch role.

• Shut Down workers will be Firewatch/Janitorial
• Watch out for fire hazards in the workplace while work is performed by other employees.
• Maintain the conditions and requirements stated by Control Room.
• In the event of fire, extinguish it immediately or turn a fire alarm on, notify plant control room
• Make sure person going in hole to perform duties comes up
• Make sure you and other employees are aware of the exact location of fire-fighting equipment in the immediate area
• Maintain constant means of communication
• As much as possible, keep visual and voice contact with other employees.
• Before and during each shift, inspect the entire work area and look for potential release of flammable vapors or liquids.
• Be prepared to operate fire extinguishers, hydrants, fixed monitors, and hose carts anytime.
• Never leave the job site while the work is being done. If you must leave, maintain coverage, DO NOT LEAVE UNOCCUPIED.
• Perform general labor janitorial duties assigned, sweeping, wiping down railing, equipment.
• Labor does not interfere with Fire Watch/Hole Watch duties.
• Clean Shaven
• Ability to work in very warm/smelly conditions 12 HR shifts
• Communicate and follow Lead directions, and orders for tasks to perform, break schedule, etc.
• Be On-time, courteous, call when you can't make it in plenty time for us to find coverage. Job opportunity is off Hays Road in Hudson usually last 6 weeks. No Transportation available.
• 12 HR shifts Day or night 7am-7pm 7pm-7am

Qualifications & Experience

• Ability to work in Hot environment.
• Ability to work in foul smelling conditions.
• Not afraid of Heights.
• Fire Watchneeded for upcoming work.
• Must have twice
• Must have basic plus
• Must haveFire Retardant Clothing/Nomex

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