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Required skills & experience:
1. Competencies in Software craft of Engineering discipline:
• Web Client development: JavaScript, React.js, Redux, Webpack, CSS, Angular.js, Vue.js
• Testing Frameworks: Jest, Cypress, Selenium
• Server/API development: Node.js, AWS Lambda, Python/Django
• SQL Data Access: PostgreSQL, Django ORM, GraphQL
• NoSQL Data: Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB,
• Other relevant competencies:
o Message Queuing

2.Competencies in Infrastructure & Operations crafts of Engineering discipline:
• Source Code Control: Git / Github
• Continuous Integration: CircleCI
• Deployment Automation: Terraform
• Public Cloud: AWS Services (S3, RDS, EC2, SQS, SNS)
• Infrastructure: IAM, Route53, CloudFront, Aptible

3. Competencies in Data craft of Engineering discipline:
• Data Design / Architecture:
• Database Administration and Tuning: PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB
• ETL & Reporting: AWS Athena, SAS, ...

4. Other relevant disciplines, crafts, and competencies:
• Quality competency in the Product Development craft
• Analysis competency of the Product Development craft
• System Administration competency in the Technical Help craft
• Troubleshooting competency in the Technical Help craft
• Security Operations competency in the Information Assurance craft

5. Healthcare IT Standards:
o R4,
• CDS Hooks Healthcare EHR Systems:
• Cerner • Epic
• Etc.
Healthcare IT Experience:
• Clinical Decision Support systems

What you need to know:
1. Startup environment
2. Very tight knit team, opportunity to grow and learn, as well as coach and influence others
3. Aptitude and attitude for continuing to increase craftsmanship in competencies across multiple engineering crafts
4. Based in Nashville, TN
DFW Texas Staffing
n/a, franklin, TN, n/a, gevonna williams

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