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Required skills & experience:
1. 4+ years of general production experience with deployment, monitoring and operations in AWS
2. Experience with Docker containers and orchestration platforms such as ECS, EKS, 3. Kubernetes, Mesos and/or Swarm
4. Experience with performance optimizations such as improving scalability, availability, throughput, failover, etc.
5. Experience including software development, systems administration, and cloud-based application management
6. Experience with MySQL, Ruby, Bash, Capistrano, Jenkins, Puppet, New Relic and Nagios.

What you need to know
1. This positions will sit in Purchase, NY or NYC, NY
2. Immediate impact and visibility in the company
3. Work with upper management and CIO
4. No relocation
5. Big company with a startup culture
DFW Texas Staffing
n/a, Purchase, NY, n/a, gevonna williams

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