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Required skills and experience:
· Full licensure to practice medicine in the State of Pennsylvania
and must be board-certified in a primary care specialty.
· Experience in a clinical, academic or administrative capacity.
Have a strong community health/public health orientation, be
experienced in patient care management, and should possess all
of the qualifications of a staff physician.

What you need to know:
Under the administrative direction of the Clinical Operating Officer, the State Medical Director is responsible for compliance with all clinical medical policies, directives, rules, regulations and clinical performance standards of the state, the federal government and accrediting bodies, and serves as the supervising physician for practicing mid-level providers.

I. Essential Job Functions/Duties

· Initiates and assists in the ongoing supervision and support of
clinical staff
· with medical and support staff to assure quality patient care.
· Provides the final medical decision on medical issues when
disputes arise.
· Formulates policies and objectives for medical programs and
platforms and communicates these policies to appropriate staff
for execution within an integrated team case management
· Provides consultation to Chief Executive Officer(s) and Clinic
Directors to assess and provide clinical training for department
or staff, as needed.
· Assists in developing clinical policies and formulating the
mission, goals, and philosophy of care.
· Recommends clinical objectives and participates in the
designation of priority objectives for the clinics with reference to
implementation of the health care plan.
· Responsible for the development of the Clinic’s health care plan
based on community health needs, epidemiology of the
community, and health behavior of the community.
· Assists with the development of the organizational plan for
clinical operations and provide for efficient use of personnel in
the application of multiple health skills (disciplines) to
community and individual health problems.
· May represent the organization in community activities designed
to modify community behavior, epidemiology, and/or needs.
· Has oversight for annual and periodic performance evaluations
of clinical providers or delegates this responsibility to clinical
· Prepares and recommends qualifications statements for c
credentialing, job descriptions, and evaluation standards for all
clinical personnel.
· Advises on health information system needs
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