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Finding a Job God’s Way

Finding a Job God’s Way


Finding a Job God’s Way

by David Rawles

224 pages


This powerfully helpful book is for those in transition in their careers … the unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed. After 30 years in Human Resources and General Management, David shares his experience, tempered with the unprecedented circumstances of today’s labor market and based on the unchanging precepts in the Bible.
This book explores the need to get past the pain of layoff or bitterness of being fired. You will be encouraged to consider your choices - the future you desire to create. Then be helped to forge your plan to secure your next career position.  Learn the need for new approaches to résumés and dynamite cover letters. Discover what successful candidates do to prepare for and control interviews.  Learn the secrets to finding those hard to locate positions, and how to improve your networking skills even if you haven’t had much experience. Find out how successful job offers can be negotiated and what your opportunities really are.


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