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Free LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Job Seeker Advice

by Glen Cathey from Boolean Black Belt - Sourcing/Recruiting



I watched a YouTube video the other day in which someone was charging job seekers for LinkedIn profile optimization.


It bothered me.


While I appreciate capitalism and don’t fault people for recognizing and seizing an opportunity, I think that in today’s economy, job seekers deserve all of the help they can get, and the currently unemployed certainly don’t need another expense.


Seeing that YouTube video inspired me to create a series of six videos sharing my knowledge of LinkedIn Groups, Jobs, Companies, profile optimization and Internet research to help people make better use of LinkedIn in their current and future job search efforts.
I know quite a bit about LinkedIn, but I don’t claim to be a LinkedIn “expert.” There are quite a few LinkedIn “gurus” online who will teach you how to leverage LinkedIn. However, unlike many self-proclaimed LinkedIn “gurus,” I actually use LinkedIn daily to find people for recruiting purposes, I train hundreds of recruiters annually on how to use LinkedIn to find candidates, and routinely assist several hundred recruiters nationally and internationally who are using LinkedIn specifically to find talent.


While many recruiters know about all of the fantastic services, functionality and features LinkedIn has to offer, I am well aware than the average non-recruiter does not. While 30 minutes of video only begins to scratch the surface of what LinkedIn has to offer job seekers, I sincerely hope that the information I have compiled helps you or someone you know in their job search.


(NOTE: There are 6 videos below)


Completing Your LinkedIn Profile



LinkedIn Profile Search Optimization


Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn to Search for Jobs

Using LinkedIn for Employer and Industry Research

How to Use Bing to Find LinkedIn Profiles Out of Your Network

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