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11/22/09 - Ten Tips regarding How Networking is easier during the Holidays:




Ten Tips regarding How Networking is easier during the Holidays:

  1. Just about every professional and social organization has a holiday event or meeting 
  2. Events are well attended since they offer a "lighter" topic during the holidays
  3. Everyone is in a good mood
  4. Easier to break the ice - Topics are plentiful (discuss travel plans, favorite football team)
  5. Companies may be short staffed with people on vacation.  Also means less competition in the market.
  6. Company budgets need to be used
  7. Less business travel so hiring manger is in the office and available to interview
  8. Send holiday cards - keep it non-denominational.  (Cards with snowflakes are good.)
  9. Volunteer - You'd be surprised who you connect to and learn of opportunities
  10. Don't take off during the holidays, you could lose momentum

Carrie L Witmer, SPHR
HR Consulting


My credentials:

  • 20 years HR experience
  • Business owner for 4 years and therefore a professional networker  (I network to reach my clients.)
  • Career Coach for 4 years including resume reworking and skills inventory using Myers-Briggs tools


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