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1. How to get focused

1.1 Career Search 101
     1.2 Getting Very Personal
          1.2.a Planning
          1.2.b Budget documents
          1.2.c Personal support Systems
          1.2.d Resources
          1.2.e Cash Flow and places to save money
          1.2.f  File Un-Employment ASAP
          1.2.g Work options
                1.2.g.1 Consulting
                1.2.g.2 Franchise opportunities
                1.2.g.3 W2 or 1099
          1.2.h Health Insurance Options

2. Resume TIPS

     2.1 Advice
     2.2 Key Words
     2.3 Examples
     2.4 Business Cards

3. Your thirty second commercial

     3.1 Examples
     3.2 Self Marketing Plan
          3.2.a Direct mailings
          3.2.b Examples

4. Networking 101

     4.1 Build a plan and keep to it
     4.2 LinkedIn
     4.3 Alumni groups
     4.4 FaceBook
     4.5 MySpace
     4.6 Twitter / RSS Feeds
     4.7 Over 50s
     4.8 Volunteering
     4.9 Networking During the Holidays 

5. Job Search Resources

     5.1 Career Search Advice and Planning
     5.2 Career TOOLS
     5.3 Databases
     5.4 Job Board Basics
          5.4.a Job Boards 101
          5.4.b Cover Letters
          5.4.c T-Letters and Examples 

6. Interview Basics

     6.1 Interviewing 101
     6.2 Interview Readiness - What you need
     6.3 Types of Interviews
          6.3.a Behavioral interviews
          6.3.b Examples
          6.3.c CIDS
          6.3.d Your 60-90 Day plan
          6.3.e Examples
          6.3.f Informational Interviews
     6.4 After the Interview
          6.4.a Follow-up
          6.4.b Letters
          6.4.c Personal Notes
     6.5 After the Offer is received
          6.5.a Negotiating
          6.5.b Employment Contracts
          6.5.c Non-Compete issues

7. Recruiters - All kinds

     Recruiters - All kinds

8. Research Resources

     8.1 Web Based
     8.2 Books

9. Time Management

     Activity OR PRODUCTIVITY??? 

10. References


11. Industry Specific Files

     Industry Specific Files


12. Job Fairs

     Job Fairs

13. IRS Issues and Planning

     IRS Issues and Planning

14. Resources in the Library that are available FREE

     Resources in the Library that are available FREE

15. Your Computer

     Your Computer

16. MUST Read Articles

     MUST Read Articles