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What I've Learned About YOUR JOB SEARCH That You May Not Know

What I've Learned About YOUR JOB SEARCH That You May Not Know

Just get laid off? What do you do first? Not sure what to do next? In this book, Jeff will share some of the most popular tips that he has gleaned over the past several years from thousands of job seekers, speakers, professional consultants, resume experts and thought leaders in career search.

Published: September 12, 2012

Author: Jeff Morris, Founder of CareerDFW and

Pages: 103

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Three ways to buy the book:

1) BEST WAY: You can buy the book from Jeff at any of the career talks or events that he is at for $10.00 (Cash only) Click here to see where Jeff will be speaking.

2) You can buy the book on CreateSpace for $14.95 (plus shipping and tax) Click on the word CreateSpace.

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Introduction from What I've Learned About YOUR JOB SEARCH That You May Not Know.

 Over the past several years, I have watched many people get laid off and show up at a career group with a blank look on their face ... what do I do next? These people are lost. They have not had to look for a job in 15, 20 or 25 years. They do not have a resume. They do not even have a personal email account, having relied on their company's email system. They are stumped.

 I have also seen many people land their next great opportunity. How did they do it? That is what I want to explore in this book. Some of the topics will be short. Other will go into more detail. You may already know some of these career tips, and hopefully you will learn some new ones.

 Where are jobs found?

I have heard these numbers over and over again from speakers in the past several years:

5 to10 percent of jobs are found on the Internet

10 to15 percent of jobs are found using a recruiter

75 to 80 percent of jobs are found through networking

You should spend your job search time where you get the biggest result.

If you had $100 and went to the bank to invest in a CD, would you get the CD that offered a 5 percent, 10 percent or 75 percent return? Surely you would get the CD with the largest return.

Networking offers you the biggest return so spend the most time on it. Find networking groups in your area. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce. They meet monthly or more often. Find the professional groups in your area of expertise. No matter what your field, there is probably a professional group for it. For example, in the DFW area, there is a monthly meeting of professional wedding planners.

Networking includes formal opportunities such as informational interviews, Toastmasters, job fairs and Jaycees. It also includes informal opportunities such as volunteering, going to the grocery store, attending parties, talking to other parents on the soccer sidelines, etc.

Anything that gets you out of the house and talking to others is networking.

I have divided this book into five sections...

Section 1: Calendar–What Do I Do First?

Section 2: Your Digital Footprint

Section 3: Networking

Section 4: Interviewing

Section 5: Other Career Tips

One of the hundreds of speakers I've heard over the past several years started his talk with: "You only have to take one tip away from here, and do it, for my presentation to be a success."

I really do not remember what his subject was. What I took away from his presentation was—did you guess it? - be sure to take at least one thing away from every speaker I hear and implement it. After every speaker's presentation, I stop and think about what they said. What was the point of their talk? What is the one thing I will take away from today and implement in my life?

This book is a collection of those points. In the Acknowledgments I have listed many of the speakers I have heard over the years. I know I have left out many, many more, but it would be nice to include everyone I have ever listened to since I first started working. Each one of those speakers have shared wonderful information.

I hope that you will find a least one tip from this book that really hits you and "DO IT!"

Good luck and go land that next great opportunity!