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Matter of Perspective II

Matter of Perspective II


Where do I see myself in 5 years
Your Plan vs Reality
I see a year from now
Can not risk another harassment suit
Final Performance Review
Just Give In and become
Injure your back
Matter of Perspective II
Replaced by Robots
Eye Surgeon or Watch Repairman
Rogain Inc - He works for Peanuts
Why do you want to be a Park Ranger
Simplified Organizational Chart
You get Three Smacks
Yoga Interview
Unemployed Since March
Think Outside the Box
Spending Too Much Time
Shower Caddy
She Made Me Put That
Severance Package
Psychic Network
Pirating Software
Good at Multitasking
Bubble Gum
Full Moon
Free Range
Child Labor
Certain of His Job Status
Build Your Office
Does Not Handle Stress Well
Bad Bad Bob
Bizarro - Job Fairs
BC - Overqualified for the Position
Take my Resume
Before he asked for help
Job Creator
Focus Group
Herman - Thanks Dad
Close to Home - Hope the interviewer does not notice - 5/13/12
Close to Home - Facebook password - 4/10/12
IKEA Job Interview
Here is my Resume
Bizarro - Lemons into Lemonade - 5/14/12
Close To Home - Candy Hearts
Bizarro: On the Rug?
Act My Wage
Dilbert: Terrific
Dilbert: Interview
Carlson: Your Not Currently Working
The Argyle Sweater: Bringing Home The Bacon
Dilbert: Job Interview
Dilbert: Employee Appreciation
Dilbert: Layoffs
BC: Perfectionist
Close To Home: Office Politics
The Shredder
Close To Home: Termination Notice Error
References or Preferences
Not Accepting Applications at This Time
I am SO sorry about being late
Compromises for Job Security
No, Don't lay him off.
The Future is Bright
I got lost trying to follow the directions
Don't Put All of Your Eggs In One Basket
It says you're a prefectionist
Dilbert - Interview
Close to Home - Termination Notice Error
Bizarro - Idiot Career Counseling
Wait, are you hiring
Labor Statistics
Best to stay out of Office Politics
Budget Cuts
Bret Favre Retired but Unretired
Jet Blue Flight Attendant
Government is Monitoring My Conversations
BC - Refuse to Carry Their Own Weight
Dallas Morning News - Summer Job
Close to Home - Performance reviews in Hell
They're Worker Ants...
Im hoping to find a job...before
Close to Home - Severance Package
Close to Home - Nail Biters
Close to Home - Facebook
Bizarro - This is a job interview
Do not put all of your eggs in one basket
I dont run out of potential
Close to Home - Impending Layoffs
Close to Home - Your Hired
I Want a Job Like That
Free Range Employees
Las Vegas Sun - Unemployment Office
BC - Unemployment Office
Close to Home - Camouflafing Layoff
Close to Home - Are you Qualified?
Close to Home - Mapquest, Inc.
Close to Home - Monster.com
Close to Home - Quality Control

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