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The best networkers:

* Get and stay organized. They capture all pertinent information about
their contacts and use a system that will work long after the job search.
* Are not hesitant to tell people they´re conducting a job search.
* Are introduced by others to new contacts whenever possible.
* Can quickly and clearly present themselves and what they´re looking for;
know how to handle phone objections/gatekeepers; know when to leave
voicemails or to use e-mail; go back to their referral source if not
getting through.
* Don´t say "I´m wide open and can meet anytime" when scheduling a
networking meeting. They appear busy and productive.
* Meet in the contact´s office whenever possible. Good things happen there.
* Make every effort to give as much as they receive (contacts, ideas,
articles, breaking news, ect.), appreciating that networking is a two-way
* Manage a tight networking meeting. They have an agenda, present themselves
effectively before asking too many questions, keep track of the promised
* Use a target list of companies and key individuals as a tool in the
networking process.
* Do their research. They ask intelligent, discerning questions, not
obvious ones.
* Have a personal business card with all pertinent information.
* Follow through on suggestions, names given by another. If they´re not
going to follow through, they let their contact know that.
* Express their appreciation and keep contacts informed of progress and
steps taken.
* Have a positive attitude and convey that they love their work.
* Have a sense of adventure about the whole networking process.

Source: Eric Larmer, Senior Vice President/Keystone Associates
Best Practices in Networking