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I just lost my job...what do I do now?

1) File for unemployment - Find your states information at

2) Here are two handouts from Certified Career Coach Gayle Bridgeman

3) Here is a 68 page document written in 2011 on what to do during the first 90 days of your job search. Click here.

4) Job Search as a Project written by Tom Leverenz in 2014

5) Here are two presentations from Gail Houston

Where to find a job TODAY:

1) Texas Workforce Solutions - Jobs Now 2020 -

2) Here's who's hiring right now by Andrew Seaman, Editor at LinkedIn -

3) From the Dallas Regional Chamber -





 Where to find career training:

Find a career group meeting online on at,-teleseminars,-radio-tv-shows.html (All times listed are Central time)

Find recorded career training videos on the CareerDFW Facebook page at