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11/10/13 - How To Take Back Control Of Your Job Search!

Lisa Rangel

It can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing to not get any response from search firm recruiters after you have submitted your resume to them. You may feel you’re perfect for the job posted and know you can succeed at it, however you never hear back.  It is hard not to take things personally.  However, there are some easy solutions to keep you upbeat about your job search, and get better results!

(1)   Set yourself up to succeed.  Know your background and see if it matches what recruiters are looking for.  If you are missing even one piece of what is being sought, they won’t be sending your resume to their client. If you know you have a background that is lacking what the recruiter needs, no matter how well-qualified you are, you are wasting your time.  Stop approaching recruiters and instead find other channels to present and market yourself and your experience.  Network, apply directly on company websites, and update social media to ensure you are active and top of mind.

(2)   Commit to doing the work YOURSELF needed to execute an effective job search plan. There are no short cuts. Do not pay someone to do the dirty work. If you need help, pay someone to show YOU how to do it correctly. But the key is to do it yourself.  If you need to update your credentials, learn about what is going on in the industry you want to be in, or grow your network, do it.  There is no time like the present!

(3)   Be Creative in Your Job Search. Use venues that increase your chances of being reviewed and called for a particular job.  If you have a background that is not going to be attractive to search firms, then choose other venues: Use target company lists, industry-focused job boards and networking groups.  Utilize LinkedIn and other social media sites.  Check out company websites, career fairs, and even volunteer in relevant fields.

(4)   Quality over quantity.  Better to create a target list of companies and do research. It is more effective to mindfully pursue 30 leads directly than to send a mass, impersonalized, poorly-targeted email to 3,000 people.  The less effort you put in, the less results you get back.

(5)   Commit to have the best branding presentation ever. So many cover letters and resumes are poorly written, formatted in an amateur manner or simply do not do the candidate any justice.  Make sure your communication documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking communications, and blogs) help put your best foot forward.  This will ensure you are not automatically disqualified due to careless errors or omissions.

Using these 5 suggestions may not be a guarantee that you will get a call back for every position you apply for.  However, being proactive and using all the opportunities out there will help you remain upbeat and in control of your job search!

Lisa Rangel is an expert resume write and founder of Chameleon Resumes.