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12/14/14 - Job Seekers: End An Interview With Strong Closing Questions

Kimberly MacMillan

The interview is coming to a close. The conversation has gone well so far and you’re feeling good about the outcome and then it happens, “Do you have any questions for me?” they ask.

Oh the terror! If you’ve done your research, there are a few questions that you might already have whether it be about the organizational structure or business model, type of work, or management style. But nothing sticks out better in the mind of interviewers than a few polished, intelligent questions at the end of an interview. If you’re ending an interview with, “No, I have no other questions” you’re missing out on not only a chance to make a real memorable impact but also the opportunity to really learn more about the role, the interviewer, company, management style and more!

One thing that we can often forget is that we need to be interviewing the company just like they’re interviewing us.

Here is a list of some great interview questions you can ask:

What is a day in the life of this role like?
This is an opportunity to get into what the day-to-day responsibilities and expectations of the role will be and ensure you understand the scope of what they’re expecting from this role.

What are the 1 year and/or 5 year goals for the organization? And how do you see someone in this role supporting those goals?

Asking this question is always a hit. It really gives them a chance to talk about where they are planning to grow the business and help you get a roadmap for where that role could be headed in a year or five years. This also gives you a chance to brainstorm how to support the goals and support their growth plans.

What are the qualities of an employee who excels at this role?

Giving them an opportunity to explain their “ideal employee” helps you understand what they’re really looking for in an employee and can give you clues about the company and team culture, as well as paving the way for success in this role with an understanding of what their expectations are right away.

What are some of the challenges that one might face in this role?

From this question, you can start to identify potential problems that you’re walking into with this role, but it also gives you a chance to start to brainstorm solutions for the problem and knock their socks off!

What is the career path for this role within the company?

Employers want to know that you’re someone that will be committed for the long haul, and are eager to grow within the company. Be careful to not focus too much attention on the “next role after this one” in the interview though! They might not want to re-hire again in a year if you decide to seek promotion in the company. This question allows you to read them and find the balance.

What is the team culture?

You should be able to gather the company culture from your research prior to the interview, but asking about the team culture can give you a little more insight into what the day-to-day will be like.

Getting your closing interview questions ready beforehand will demonstrate your thoughtful preparation and leave a favorable impression with your potential employee, truly making you stand out in the crowd.

Author: Kimberly MacMillan
As Director of Recruitment at R.JOHNSON Legal Recruiting in Vancouver, B.C., Kimberly is responsible for leading the full-cycle recruitment process and managing the day-to-day operations of the office. She also develops and executes creative sourcing strategies that ensure effective talent acquisition of top-tier candidates.