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9/6/09 - 5 Sure-fire Ways to NOT get the job


5 Sure-fire Ways to NOT get the job


Everywhere you look, you can get advice on what you SHOULD do to get the best job. I want to tell you some things you should do if you DON'T want a company to hire you.


1.      Send your resume with no cover letter. They get everything in their FAX machine anyway - and your name and phone number are right there on it. Of course your resume is so different; they will know right away that you are the ONE for them!

2.      Call the company about an hour before your scheduled interview and tell them something came up and you need to reschedule. All companies take forever to make up their mind, right? What will it matter if you reschedule your interview a time or two?

3.      Get to the interview a few minutes late, and don't have a spare copy of your resume with you. You can recite it off the top of your head, and if they lost their copy, you can send them one later.

4.      Dress casually when you go in. You know that this is a laid-back company and everyone dresses in jeans there.

5.      Ask right away how much the pay will be and what their benefits are. No sense in waiting till after you learn about the job and the potential it may have - get right to the "meat" of what's in it for you!