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9/13/09 - Follow these tips when applying...


From Gail Houston...Professional Recruiter and Speaker at Crossroads Career Transition Workshops


Follow these tips when sending an email in regards to an opening:



1) Name, position title and position number in the subject line (the number is critical with most staffing systems)


2) Include a word version of the resume when you send an email to a recruiter even if you have applied on line


3) Make sure you apply on line as well – different recruiters handle different openings so the recruiter who “owns” the opening may get to your resume before the recruiter you are trying to correspond with – also if you don’t apply on line some companies won’t consider you at all and for other companies it means that the recruiter has to input the info which can take a lot of time if they have a number of resumes to input


From the CareerDFW editor and others who post jobs on Yahoo groups....

1) Be sure to FOLLOW the instruction in a posting. You can do more, but make sure you do at least what is asked.


2) Be sure to send the email to the RIGHT person.Every week we (those who post jobs) has someone who replies to our email that we forwarded out to several Yahoo groups. We do not have the jobs. We are just forwarding out the positions, because employers know that if they get it to us, thousands of you will see it. Some of us may still reply to the sender and let the sender know they made a mistake, but most of us, just press the delete key. It may have been "your next great opportunity" but now it is in the cyberspace trashcan.



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