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12/13/09 - Letters or Emails to a Business


Any time you write a letter or email to a sure to:

  1. Proofread the letter. Then proofread it again. Confirm that you spelled the company name correctly and that you spelled the name of the intended recipient correctly. Really, it doesn’t get any more basic than this. For example XYZ Resources, which is terrific, except that the company name is XYZ Resource. It makes a difference.
  2. Know what the company does. Do you research, make sure you know what the company does.
  3. Shift the focus from your desires to the company’s needs. Your goals and dreams, while massively important to you, really aren’t that important or interesting to your potential employer. They want to know precisely what you can do for them. What value do you bring? How can you contribute?
  4. Demonstrate your expertise with detail, not broad claims. Do not be a writer that claims  “thinks outside the box” and “I give it everything I have.” These statements are self-aggrandizing that are much less effective than detailed descriptions of projects or tasks that actually demonstrate your expertise. Don’t just say you’re creative and hard-working, provide a real-life example.