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Mass Mailer Cover Letter Example

P.O Box 262532
Plano, Texas 75026

June 20, 2007

Mr. Jerry Dilettuso, CEO
Miramar Designs Ltd.
1301 Forum Way South
Fort Worth, TX 76140

Dear Mr. Dilettuso:

Thank you for speaking to the Association of Strategic Planning last month and sharing your views of the CEO's contribution to strategy and planning.  One of the most important points you made in your discussion was the operational clarity that is provided when performance metrics are utilized and also, how KPIs tend to dissipate internal politics.  Because we have all experienced the de-motivating style of command and control management, it was also very enjoyable to hear your thoughts on the servant led style of leadership.


Your transition from National Spirit Group to Miramar Designs really piqued my interest. 

Doing research into point of purchase displays, it became apparent that the market was fragmented with no clear leaders, vendors are not vertical aligned, and that competition is fierce.   Further study uncovered additional pressures to manufacture more cost effective products while raising the standard for design innovations. 


Having spent most of my adult life making furniture as a means of generating additional income, I have a considerable appreciation for your dilemma.  I can only wonder how you are addressing such challenges and what strategies you are formulating. 


Perhaps we can talk about some of the emerging customer self-help trends that retailers are introducing and how Miramar Designs is approaching the opportunity.  As you can see from the information provided, I have an extensive background in customer care coupled with a broad career in information technology.


Jerry, I have some ideas that may appeal to you and your customers, and I'll call you next week to discuss them with you.  Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to speaking with you.





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