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Linkedin Presentations from Miguel Richards


Please take advantage of theses presentations to learn where you can improve yourself and others. 


Make sure, as I do, to Pay It Forward. 


I do ask that my work is used for personal use only and not for any other purpose. 


As Linkedin changes and grows, the presentations will be updated with those changes.


For legal reasons, a copyright and trademarks statements page was added.


Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in your job search.


Miguel Richards

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PLEASE NOTE...these are LARGE .pdf files and will take time to download.

DO NOT ATTEMP if using a dial up connection. The file size is listed next to each file.


1. Linkedin Beginner Presentation - click here for the .pdf file (the file is 11.9 MB)

In this presentation you will learn the following:

 How many people you can access with LinkedIn
Demonstrate step by step how to create a Linkedin profile
How to add your current and past jobs
Adding Education
Adding Websites and Other Information
How to setup your PUBLIC Profile to share information about you
What are Linkedin’s applications and how they work
Who and How you want to be contacted or not contacted
What are Linkedin’s Tools
Setting up Linkedin’s HTML email signature tool
Basic Linkedin Searching
Linkedin-Vitations Receiving and Sending
Building your Linkedin Connections Network


 2. Linkedin Advanced Presentation - click here for the .pdf file (the file is 32.3 MB)

In this presentation you will learn the following:

Accounts and Settings Options: Discussion of each of the LinkedIn options
Recommendation Management: Received, Sent, Giving / Given, and Requested / Requesting
LinkedIn Groups: Who, What, Why, How, Examples, Job Boards
LinkedIn Searching: Basic, Advanced, People, People Beta, Company / Reference.
LinkedIn Search Tips: Discussion
Questions and Answers Pages / How do I become an Linkedin Expert?