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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get More Jobs

by Natalie Severt - Resume Expert at Uptowork


As a job seeker, having a LinkedIn profile is no longer a matter of choice. It’s a necessity.


Well, for starters, everyone is on LinkedIn - job seekers, recruiters, CEOs, that weird guy next door, your mom - everyone.

Okay, but what if you're not looking for a job right now.

Well, you don’t have to be actively looking for a job to use LinkedIn. In fact, if you optimize your profile and engage with the platform a job could come looking for you.

And that job could be THE job.

People are getting great job opportunities on Linkedin every day. Some of the opportunities are not available anywhere else.

So, if you want in on all of the job goodies, you need to get on LinkedIn, max out your profile, and engage with other users.

This guide will help you optimize your profile so that it becomes an easy and exciting find for recruiters in your field.


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Table of Contents:

  1. Why Do I Need to Worry About LinkedIn?
  2. Here’s How to Max Out Your Profile 100%
  3. Create a Persona That Sticks With Recruiters 
  4. Make a List of Strategic Keywords for Your Profile
  5. Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Headline and Summary
  6. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, So Make It Professional 
  7. Here’s How to Further Personalize Your Profile
  8. Here’s How to Add Your Experience Section on LinkedIn
  9. Boost Your Profile with Skills and Endorsements
  10. How to Ask for High-powered Recommendations
  11. Intro Videos Are the New Novelty on LinkedIn
  12. No One Likes Using LinkedIn, But That’s Not an Excuse
  13. Key Takeaway