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Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers 101

by Mike Simpson, Job Interview Expert & Coach

Imagine you’re sitting on a black folding chair in the middle of the hiring manager’s office at your very next job interview.

You want this job. Bad.

You’re eye to eye with the hiring manager…

The hiring manager takes a long pause and after what seems like an eternity finally leans forward and says:

“Tell me about a time when a group project you were working on failed….”

Uh oh. The dreaded behavioral interview question.

So, considering your future career aspirations may hinge on your answer…

What do you say?

Do you have a “success story” that highlights the exact qualities that particular company is looking for in an employee, and are you ready to talk about it smoothly?

Or are you sitting there dry-mouthed with a confused and rather silly look on your face as you try and come up with a stall tactic?

Don’t worry if you fell into the “confused and rather silly” camp because this article is going to demystify behavioral interview questions and hand you a clear blueprint or plan for coming up with fantastic answers that will wow the hiring manager and leave your competition in your dust.

You are going to get actionable stuff that you can immediately apply in your next interview. No wishy washy info here.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

    What the heck are behavioral questions anyway?
    Why do hiring managers insist on asking them?
    What you need to have prepared beforehand in order to answer them well
    How to come up with great “Success Stories”
    Common behavioral question examples
    The S.T.A.R. Method briefly explained
    How to use the S.T.A.R. Method for behavioral questions
    In-depth example answer to a common question (color-coded and explained in detail)
    A word of warning

Ok let’s get cracking…

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