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Courage:  Stands up for beliefs - utilizes emotion - willing to do battle  - pushes for the decision

LP           P             How do you feel when you are the unpopular voice in a group? (don't mind, stand own ground)


LP           P             If your supervisor implemented a policy that directly affected you and you didn't agree with it, how would you

                              handle that situation? (speak up, confront)


LP           P             Do you ever become angry - or kind-of ticked off - do you let other people know? (yes) Example? (Specific)

Command:  Takes charge - directs outcomes - can be forceful -likes to take control

LP           P             In a group, are you usually the one calling the shots? (yes) Can you illustrate this?


LP           P             All things being equal, would you rather be part of a group or lead it? (lead it) Tell me about a time when you took control of a group.


LP           P             On a scale of 1-10 (10 being high), how persuasive are you? (9-10)

Persistence:  "Stick-to-it-iveness" - gets others on their side - stays after it - not easily dissuaded

LP           P             At what point do you give up trying to solve a problem? (never give up)


LP           P             Do you ever feel like you can't win? (never say die, no)


LP           P             Tell me about a time you succeeded because you persevered (listen for a specific instance resulting in success)



Strategy:  Figures out what works - looks ahead - intentionally lays groundwork to accomplish future objectives

LP           P             How many solutions do you find for a problem? (more than one, alternatives)


LP           P             How do you work your way out of a problem situation (outmaneuver, no road blocks, alternative solutions)


LP           P             What do you think about before you make an important decision?  (alternative solutions, what could go wrong)

Business Thinking:  Always thinking about business - smart about ROI - constantly trial closing - making business case for sale

LP           P             Do you have a gift for thinking financially? (does) Example? (specific)


LP           P             When you have an important decision to make, do you seek numbers to help you make the decision? (yes) Please give me an example? (specific)


LP           P             How do you decide what business to go after? (strategically thinking about where they will get the most ROI)



Achiever:  Impatient - urgent - fast paced - always needs to improve performance

LP           P             Have you ever been the top achiever in a group?  Please tell me about it. (individual not team success, must be the top)


LP           P             Do you ever feel that you've done enough? (no, never, always more to do)


LP           P             Do you work harder and longer than most people? (yes, not "I'm about average")


LP           P             Do you continually push yourself to achieve more? (yes).  More than other people? (yes)

Ego Drive:  Recognition driven - independent - desires pay for performance - prefers autonomy

LP           P             Why do you want to work for Stryker? (association with the best, important to be seen with the best)


LP           P             How important is it to you to be the best?  (very important , not doing your best)


LP           P             Describe the best manager you've ever had. (gave lots of autonomy, no micro-management)

Competition:  Needs to win - has to be first - likes to compare - takes loss to heart

LP           P             On a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being high, how competitive are you? (9 or 10)


LP           P             How important is it to you to win? (very important)


LP           P             How do you feel being measured and ranked against others? (loves it, likes to be compared against others)













Focus:  Sorts to the critical - keeps an eye on today, next month, next year - like numbers and goals

LP           P             When you think about the future what comes to mind?  (tangible, directed, goal oriented, specific)


LP           P             How often do you take the time to set goals for yourself?  (often)


LP           P            Are you able to stay on task in the face of distraction?  Example (specific, not general, achieved end goal) (Listen for the distraction                         and how they got back on track)


Discipline:  Organized - orderly - good follow through - well planned


LP           P             How do you prepare for a day's work? (timelines, routines, structure)


LP           P             How do you feel when you don't have a plan in place? (feels lost, doesn't like it). What do you do? (makes a plan)


LP           P             Are you a go with the flow kind of person? (no!, have to plan)


LP           P             Scale of 1-10 with 10 high, how organized are you? ( 9 or 10)


Responsibility:  Enbraces accountability - takes ownership for behavior and performance - dependable


LP           P             What kind of reputation do you strive to build?  (dependable, reliable, responsible, honest)


LP           P             Is it difficult for you to say ‘no' when asked to take on more, or do you know your limits? (Hard to say no, want to take on more so that it's done, ownership)


LP           P             Are you known for going above and beyond your own job expectations?  Example (specific time)


LP           P             What happens when you cannot follow through on a commitment? (it doesn't happen - if it does they will more than make it up, they will go the extra mile or step up to smooth out the relationship)



Trust:  High integrity - builds credibility - lives up to commitment - wants what is right for the customer


LP           P             Are you always clear on what the ethical thing to do is? (yes)


LP           P             What is the most important thing that you have to do in order to build repeat business?  (follow through / take care of cust.)


LP           P             When is it OK to cut corners? (never)



Interpersonal:  Outgoing - reads people well - sorts to who makes the difference - shows appreciation - builds champions

LP           P             Who do you decide to form strong relationships with?  (listen for them finding and building relationships that will help them to grow their business)


LP           P             Do you have a gift for reading the feelings of others?  (yes, not sometimes) Please describe (not what they are thinking, but what they are feeling)


LP           P             To what extent do you rely on relationships to build your business? (very important) How do you do that? (Listen for evidence that they invest in customer relationships - they are not just a customer but a friend)


LP           P             Are you different things to different people? (yes) Please describe


FYI Questions :


What are the top three things you are looking for in the company and position you accept? (great question for helping to "close the deal" when an offer has been extended)


What would you describe as your top 3 talents? (may hear additional evidence of above mentioned themes)



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