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What qualifies as a job search?

Each state will have different rules for what counts as a job search for your unemployment insurance requirements.

Check with your local one stop.


Here is a list that may qualify in your state

1) any application that you fill out, either on line or in person.

2) any conversation that you have with a hiring person (including HR).

3) any follow up call you make to check on a possible opening.

4) any email that you send out to follow up on a job opening.

5) you may be able to use 1 or 2 networking meetings or job clubs that you attend. Make sure you are on time and sign in on the sign up sheet to prove you attended. If a group does not keep a sign up sheet for each meeting, do not count that meeting as a job search contact.

6) Job fairs - each contact you make.

7) Professional meetings - you will make contacts with great people many of whom are working.

8) any meeting you have at a one stop or workforce solutions office.

I'm sure there may be others. If you are not sure...check.